After a long journey from the north of England to Portsmouth, we crossed the English Channel and touched down in France, ready for round eight of the FIA World Rallycross.

We had a few tests to run and spent Wednesday at Mayenne. For my teammate Andy this was more of a shakedown and a few set up changes, for me I had to see if I could still handle a six hundred horsepower beast. I am pleased to say that after eight laps I was firmly back in the saddle and loving every minute of it! I calmed myself down after a while before starting the hard work and getting back into the test.

The Albatec Racing guys are great and after trying out various set ups, I felt we had something that with a few more subtle changes at Loheac, could get us a few extra seconds.


Today we’re finally here and settled at the track; the guys are working hard re-prepping the cars, whilst we set up the Albatec hospitality area. The sun is shining, there’s that smell of motor oil in the air, I can hear tools clanging away in the distance and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be right now.

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